Who we are

Citius Advocaten is a law firm situated in the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam. We are active in the fields of employment law and corporate, company and commercial law. Our clients are businesses and senior employees, with whom we have strong relationships.


We are also regularly instructed by other law firms and lawyers who benefit from our specialist knowledge and way of working. Given our law firm’s size, our clients always have direct contact with the partner having the required expertise, who can serve them in the most effective and professional manner.



Hein van Woensel

lawyer corporate law

Hein van Woensel

lawyer corporate law



Hein van Woensel read law in Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) and is specialised in business law, including corporate, company and commercial law issues. He has practised law as an advocaat since 1992, first at Pot Jonker Advocaten in Haarlem and then as a sole practitioner in Amsterdam.


His practice includes leading corporate and commercial transactions and advising on business disputes. He also has substantial experience as a curator (trustee in bankruptcy / administrator) and as counsel to businesses facing or threatened by insolvency.


Hein has clients in a variety of sectors such as industry, manufacturing, trade and services including healthcare providers, pharma and media businesses. Many of them are well known leaders in their respective market segments.


Hein has undertaken post-academic courses in IT law and insolvency law and is a member of AIJA, the international association of lawyers. He is also a member of the board of the association Ondernemende Advocaten Amsterdam (“Enterprising Lawyers Amsterdam”) and editor of the online news website Kluwer Smartnewz Ondernemingsrecht.

Thea Vlot

lawyer employment law

Thea Vlot

lawyer employment law



Thea Vlot read law in Leiden and is specialised in employment law. She has worked at various courts and at the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam. She has practised law as an advocaat since 1999, first at Van Doorne and then as a sole practitioner.


Thea represents both employers and employees. Her cases include individual (summary) dismissals, suspensions, non-compete, non-solicitation and non-poaching disputes as well as collective employment matters such as reorganisations, restructurings and employee representation issues.


She advises on employment contracts, collective employment agreements and cross border employment issues.


Thea is part of the editorial team of the legal journal Rechtspraak Arbeidsrecht (RAR) and of the online news website Kluwer Smartnewz Arbeidsrecht. Also she is a member of AIJA, the international association of lawyers and member of the board of the association Ondernemende Advocaten Amsterdam (“Enterprising Lawyers Amsterdam”).

Tom Arntz

lawyer corporate law and employment law

Tom Arntz

lawyer corporate law and employment law



Tom Arntz studied Dutch law at the Radboud University Nijmegen and graduated in 2014 (Civil Law).


In 2013 Tom studied law in Florence at the Università degli studi di Firenze (European- and Canonical Law). Tom is a lawyer since 2015. He is a member of AIJA, the international association of lawyers and of the association of Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (“Young Employment Lawyers”).


Rolf Hebbink

lawyer corporate law and employment law

Rolf Hebbink

lawyer corporate law and employment law



Rolf Hebbink studied European and International Law at Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2015 he graduated the Dual Degree Insolvency Law at both Radboud University Nijmegen and Nottingham Trent University.


During his study Rolf has been active in the board and committees of multiple student associations.


He also worked as a volunteer at a legal advice centre and gained experience at several law firms in the Netherlands and abroad.


Rolf has been working as a lawyer particularly in respect of matters relating to corporate law and employment law since 2016. He is a member of the Young Litigators Association and the Young Bar Association of the Netherlands.

Stefan Van der Veen

lawyer corporate law and employment law

Stefan Van der Veen

lawyer corporate law and employment law



Stefan van der Veen studied law in Groningen (University of Groningen). He graduated in business law. After graduating he worked for several years as a law clerk at the Court of Appeal in The Hague. During his studies Stefan interned at several law firms, among which one in Washington DC.
Since February 2017 Stefan works for DNTW Advocaten, now Citius Advocaten. He is specialized in corporate law, employment law and intellectual property law.


Legal areas/subjects

  • (instant) dismissal
  • bankruptcy and suspension of payment
  • co-determination
  • collective labour law (labor agreement)
  • compensation/damages
  • cross-border labor law
  • dba and var
  • disability
  • disputes
  • dissolution
  • employee’s liability
  • employer’s liability
  • employment contracts
  • managing directors’ liability
  • mediation
  • merger/acquisition
  • non-competition and relation clauses
  • pension rights
  • privacy
  • re-employment
  • reorganisations
  • suspensions
  • terms of employment
  • transitional severance pay
  • unemployment law
  • whistleblowers


  • employees
  • employers (small/medium-sized/ multinationals)
  • interest groups
  • managing directors/supervisory boards
  • sole traders
  • works councils


Legal areas/subjects

  • advertising
  • attachment and enforcement
  • bankruptcy and receivership
  • collection
  • commercial law
  • compensation/damages
  • competition
  • consumer law
  • contract law
  • cooperatives and associations
  • directors’ liability
  • due diligence
  • financing and securities
  • foundations
  • general terms
  • lease / license
  • liability
  • limited liability companies
  • litigation
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • partnership/joint venture
  • privacy
  • right of inquiry
  • shareholder disputes

Practice areas/sectors

  • (veterinary) medicines
  • agencies
  • arts and culture
  • distribution
  • fashion & design
  • franchise
  • governance
  • healthcare providers
  • industry
  • it/ict
  • life science
  • media
  • medical instruments
  • private equity
  • retail
  • startups
  • venture capital



  • a challenging practice
  • active involvement in interesting cases
  • room for further specialisation and development
  • work in a unique office environment
  • a friendly, pleasant atmosphere


  • above-average study results
  • excellent command of Dutch and English
  • passion and perseverance
  • excellent social skills

If you are interested, please send your CV with covering letter to: Thea Vlot


Citius Advocaten is always interested in getting in contact with talented law students who are in the final phase of their master’s degree programme and who want to follow a traineeship at a law firm.


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